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I will be releasing some my portfolio images on these Instagram sites:

Instagram: RE_Photo_Archive
Facebook Page: Rachelle Fine Art – Toledo Gallery

Instagram: Rachelle_Evanoff_Photo_Art
Facebook Page: Rachelle Evanoff Photo Art

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Midwest SPE Milwaukee: October 25, 2019

Hello. It is near the end of October, 2019. Time has a way of moving along.

I am at the Saint Kate in Milwaukee for the Midwest Society for Photographic Education (SPE) Conference.

I come to these conferences to further my professional career as a practitioner of the camera. I have been a SPE groupie since 1997, when I was introduced to this incredible resource.

I am staying in my room tonight, focusing on getting myself prepared for three professional portfolio reviews tomorrow: Kyle Seis, Elizabeth Flinsch and John Sobczak.

I brought along some early writings to transcribe. I have been collecting them, now I think it is about time to start sharing a bit of my history.

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Coming Soon!

Grand Opening (date to be announced)

Rachelle Fine Art ~ Toledo Art Gallery
Suite 104-106, Collingwood Arts Center
Toledo, Ohio 43620

Once renovations are complete, I plan to exhibit my artwork in a rotating cycle with solo exhibitions of invited artists.

To receive exhibition postcards, email your name and mailing address to:


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Rachelle’s 2017 Blog Archive

April 03, 2017
I attended the Ohio Museums Association conference in Toledo, Ohio. The conference location rotates to each corner of the state and the center, Columbus. This year, it just happened to be local for me. I am happy I was able to attend and feel like I am hitting the ground running with preparations to open my art gallery soon. I am busy doing the behind-the-scenes work for my gallery while I exercise patience as the renovation projects get done.

March 15, 2017
The highlight of the 2017 SPE, National Conference for me was Jerry Uelsmann’s
keynote presentation. It was awesome when I happened on him in the corridor and we had a good talk and shot some pictures. My first college photo teacher (1991) was Arthur Bacon, who studied under Uelsmann during his MFA program. I figure that in this regard, Uelsmann is like my grandfather in my photo education family.

It’s always nice to connect with friends I’ve made over the years through SPE. I did that, as well as met some new people. I participated in the professional portfolio reviews and showed some of my photographs during the curator portfolio walkthru. I also networked with talented artists to potentially exhibit their work in my gallery, once the renovations are complete.

After the conference, I hopped on a plane to visit some friends who recently built a house in Cape Coral, Florida. I fell in love with palm trees again. We explored the area and I made pictures, of course.

March 07, 2017
The Society for Photographic Education is hosting their 2017 National Conference in Orlando, Florida this week.
I have been busy preparing to make the trip! See you there!
September 10, 2015
I am updating my website. More Portfolio Galleries coming soon!

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Rachelle’s 2010 Blog Archive

June 22, 2010

I am getting excited about my upcoming Montana trip. My daughter, mother and aunt will be my companions ┬áduring my photo expedition. After our time together at Glacier Natl. Park, I will head down on my own to Photographer’s Formulary to spend a week in a Gum Printing workshop with Christina Z. Anderson

June 17, 2010

In addition to staying busy with my University of Toledo summer session, I’ve been enjoying a VASA workshop on Criticism with A.D. Coleman.

It will not be long before my travel plans for my return trip to Glacier National Park in Montana go into effect! My stay at the Sperry Chalet will enable me to continue my Sperry Glacier Project as well as my project on the historic chalets that I started last summer thanks to the generous Palmer Scholarship I received through the Toledo Museum of Art. I will stay at the Granite Park Chalet again in addition to the Belton Chalet. I have also arranged to participate in a few workshops while I am staying at the historic back country chalets. While I am at Granite Park Chalet, I will attend the Geology Workshop and while I am staying at the Sperry Chalet, I will attend the Sperry Glacier Workshop.
May 17, 2010

I am looking forward to the writing intensive art history course I will be taking this summer at the University of Toledo’s Center for the Visual Arts with Deborah Orloff, the Visual Construction of Gender. It begins tomorrow.

May 4, 2010

With great honor, I am pleased to present my website, www.PhotogenicChoices.com. This site has been a long time coming. For my first official blog post, I extend heartfelt gratitude to my patient New Media Professor, Chris Burnett. His relentless efforts to get me to understand html code, css and Flash action script have not gone unappreciated.

Thank you for understanding that my website is in its infancy, I now have the skills to build upon this foundation.

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Welcome to my new Photo Play Zone

I cleaned out my old blog and I am starting anew. Time to refresh and invigorate!

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